SMS-informing on delivery

Each Customer receives SMS with unique parcel ID and a link to our Tracking web service. This SMS goes out as soon as a parcel is received from online shop in our sorting center. SMS and Email are used to inform the customer on delivery process and proactively resolve issues like unreachable telephone contact number for courier delivery.

Track & Trace

Our tracking web service (stands for "Where_Is_My_Order") exceeds all known tracking services in user features.Your customer will monitor not only standard delivery phases but also communication details which are very important in Russia - such as all call attempts and alerts. In addition, a Customer may contact our Delivery Service not only by calling our Hotline (7 days/week) but also use a feedback form on our tracking website.

Flexible communications

All outgoing communication, including Call center and SMS/Email alerts are fully adjustable based on your brand communication policies. You may customize contents (call center scripts and text of alerts) as well as conditions that should create such communication. The algorithm of calling attempts and the number of these attempts is also flexible. Meanwhile you may use our standard communication flow which has been built and is updated based on local best practices. Our outbound calls and SMS take into account Customer's local time zone. All communication, including calling attempts is logged, voice recorded and is available for post-analysis.

Reduction of Returns

For all country reject rate is an issue for many online shops, especially for cash-on-delivery orders. Modern and transparent delivery process improves Customer loyalty, and proper professional communication decreases return rate. A combination of SMS/Email alerts, tracking information on our web service and call center notifications brings rejects to minimum, is especially important for  COD parcels.

Data architecture of our IT system takes into account all real-life delivery cases which in Russia are sometimes different from most of other markets. This way our tracking information and Customer communication matches the reality not only for big cities, but across the whole country. As a result we are able to support adequate KPIs for the whole country, not only for selected cities.