Modules for popular CMS engines (including 1C-Bitrix, OpenCart and InSales). API: area-based delivery options selection, delivery tariff/term calculator (including postal parcels) and other helpful features. Transaction flow - ftp, https, vpn, csv, dbf, mdb, xls, xml.
Transaction flow may be scheduled / condition-based / background.
From web-interface order upload to fully automated data/status exchange for high-volume online shops.

Standard reporting matching statutory requirements

Full set of operational and accounting reports according to local regulations and accounting rules. Possibility to provide data needed for GAAP reporting.

Easy to get Parcels statuses and Payment details

All details on current parcel statuses and data for payment application provided daily or based on other agreed schedule. Returns information available already the same day as return happens.

Marketing reports and sales statistics

Sales, payments and returns by region/city for any given interval of dates and delivery methods (courier, parcel shop, terminal, Post). Return reasons by delivery method / dates / cities (over 10 reasons) and other information that you may use to better control your business. Customized reports and statistics according to your specs.

Our competitive advantage is maximum transparency of data and business process. Modern IT and cloud solutons allow to convert your Delivery, Call center and Fulfillment from "black boxes" into transparent process flow that you may control and improve - at any level of details you prefer.
Also, you will be able to import a lot of new important customer details directly from our IT system, or get this data from us in reports.