What We Do…

China-Fulfillment is a fulfillment company offering pick, pack, shipping and storage all on a pay as you go basis. Simply pay for our services as and when you use them.

You begin by simply signing up for an account either online or by contacting one of our helpful account managers who will walk you through the process.

Our pay-as-you-go pick and pack service means online sellers can outsource their storage, order shipping, product handling - quickly, easily and cost effectively so you can focus on building and growing your ecommerce business.

You simple top-up your account when ever needed and your orders will be shipped every day once received before 4pm Hong Kong time… with no set up fees or fixed and minimum fees … PLUS we also offer a 100% guarantee on our pick and pack accuracy.

This model is Ideal for SME's and start up companies who don't want to finance and operate their own fulfillment centers, but require a reliable, quick and affordable solution so their customers receive a first class service.

We also offer services for larger eCommerce sellers for when your business grows to the next level!

China Fulfillment
China Fulfillment
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Here's How It Works…



You send us your products direct from your suppliers or we can arrange collection directly from your supplier in China.We scan in EVERY item for a 100% check. We then email you to let you know your products have arrived and the confirmed count.

Put Away


Your products are then placed on bar-coded shelves in our warehouse ready for your orders. The time taken from receipt of your products to being scanned and placed on shelves usually takes under 24 hours but it can take up to 48 hours during busy periods.

Orders Arrive


Orders are generated on your website or other sales channels like Amazon or eBay and automatically forwarded to our systems. Our system breaks down your orders into batches of orders so they can be picked from the shelves by our staff

Orders Are Picked


As every product is barcoded we almost never make a mistake. All orders received by 4.00pm Hong Kong are shipped out the same day.

Orders Packed


We then carefully pack your orders according to your instructions. We can enclose inserts, gift wrap or whatever you need. Parcels are then despatched using the delivery method YOU selected.



Your customers receive their orders quickly and accurately. Customs labels and docs are automated by us to avoid any delays. You receive realtime updates on parcel tracking info which you can then share with you customers

In addition, we can provide a range of other services that can be added on to your core storage, pick and pack and shipping service:

You can also save a considerable amount of money on packaging and printed inserts which we can help you source in China. You also avail of the large shipping discounts we receive because of the volume of packages we ship every day! shipping costs.

We offer the very best logistics and pick and pack service in China (we guarantee it)!!!