Discover cost-effective, flexible pricing - pay for what you need and use, from basic schemes to more advanced, no matter your company size, we can help.
We offer a flexible fulfilment service that's priced simply and fairly to all our customers.

Fee Structure

Service Fee Instructions
Open fulfillment service free
System use free
Listing fee free
Pick and Pack 5 RMB/Per Order
Storage fee Small Shelf 3 RMB Per Month
Large shelf 6 RMB Per Month
Pallet 40 RMB Per Month
Small shelf (55x25x30CM)
Large shelf (55x50x30CM)
Per 1 m3

Packing Materials

Type Length (cm) Width (cm) Price (RMB)
A 17 11 0.25
B 18 14 0.30
C 23 17 0.40
D 25 22 0.50
E 30 25 0.70
F 35 28 0.90
G 45 28 1.20

Extra Services

Q.C Fee 1.0 RMB Per Item
Label Fee 0.20 RMB Per Item  
Photos Fee 150 RMB Per Hour
Other Services Please Contact Us Insurance, Returns, Inserts , etc…

Delivery - The cost for the physical delivery of your order to your customer using one of our great delivery services will depend on the service you choose.

That is it!!

At China Fulfillment we will never charge you:

Monthly Management Fees
Setup Fees
Minimum Monthly Charges

You just pay for what you use.