What made Black Milk a success in the E commerce World?

Black Milk Clothing

A huge Shopify success story, Black Milk Clothing have built up a reputation that has seen them go from underdogs to becoming a mainstream name in Women’s leggings.

Black Milk is now a multi-million-pound company selling more than 2000 pairs of leggings a day.

What made Black Milk a success in the E commerce World?

Black Milk certainly didn’t go about things conventionally. In fact, the Australian ecommerce company didn’t spend a penny on Adwords, social media, television, radio; you name it.

Black Milk spent all their money on community events. Granted, Black Milk now travels the world, throwing parties and arranging photo shoots- but they started in their own back garden.

Start by using websites like Meet Up to see what events are running locally. Or if you’re feeling particularly brave, create your own!

How to utilize user-generated content to build your ecommerce brand

Black Milk Clothing is outstanding at creating user-generated content.

They assign a specific hashtag to every piece of clothing on their website and encourage customers to use them. When they do, the image is featured on the product page and possibly on their Instagram channel which has over a million followers.

What's so brilliant about this is that it displays all different types of women that customers can relate to more than the usual models you see on clothing websites.

If like Black Milk you're looking to use Shopify, there are tons of amazing Instagram integrations you can use to publish your feed to your website- such as InstaShow and Code Canyon.

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