We Link To Your Sales Channels...

Take the strain out of managing orders and stock with our intuitive fulfillment system…

Technology is an integral part of what we do at China Fulfillment. We crafted our entire warehouse management system with visibility and accuracy in mind. Our system was built in-house by our own team of developers, to help bridge the gap between high-tech eCommerce stores and delivery networks. It's revolutionized old-fashioned warehousing and e-fulfilment.

We tirelessly innovate to ensure our system features are always at the cutting edge and put our clients ahead of the game.

Wherever you sell your products, our fulfillment system makes it easy to stay in control…

The eCommerce world is truly multi channel and like many businesses your orders probably come from a wide number of sales channels. So it is important that you can link to these channels to our warehouse and e-fulfillment system so we can retrieve your orders quickly and ship your orders as soon as possible.

We link to all the main sales channels and marketplaces including eBay, Amazon and Shopify and this list keeps growing!!

As well as all these direct links, we can also manually load orders and import orders by CSV files. Which can be very useful in conjugation with Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indigogo

But this is just the start of the great things our software can do!

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Our fulfillment software isn’t just any old warehouse management system. It allows our team to pick, pack and manage your orders in a way that allows you to enjoy revolutionary 99.998% accuracy, ensuring that your customers are never left disappointed.

Secure and Reliable

With robust data security, you’ll never have to worry about your customer information as your data is always protected.