The Notification about changing shipping waybill for some current SZEUB orders

Dear Customers,

Due to the adjustment of the new agreement portal number of the post office group company, caused some duplicated postal barcode. The current range of barcode impacted are: LO058500022CN-LO059500029CNAt present, the system has been repaired and the new order barcode can be used normally.For the parcels which  have obtained the number of the paragraph and have already delivered, we will intercept them and return it to our warehouse to renew the shipping waybill and then resend out.For the  submitted shipping orders, which still have not delivered, please copy a new order to replace the oringal order. Affected channels: SZ-EUB/SZEUB-BA/SZEUB-S.

Thanks for your always great supports!

PFC Express

Aug 15,2019