Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales Available for Free

Shopify is used by tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to sell products online. The Shopify app store never falls short of hosting thousands of intuitive apps that are simplifying lives and boosting productivity every day. The sheer number of apps in the store may find you confused and Overwhelmed to find the perfect app, as the search results can leave people scratching their heads. Some high quality while others happen to be quite efficacious...and yes, free!

1. Chattypeople

Chattypeople is the ultimate chatbot platform for developing an AI chatbot on Facebook while integrating Facebook commerce. You can design a pretty functional bot easily using this free app, and without having to know how to code. It offers a unique blend of sophisticated technology and Simple, which makes it suitable for enterprise customers and small-scale entrepreneurs alike. Integrating Chattypeople with Shopify is a great way of monetizing your fan pages on Facebook. Chattypeople represents the ideal scenario of AI (artificial intelligence) and e-commerce.

2. Boost Sales

Leveraging some of the cross-sell strategies adopted by big e-commerce brands like Amazon, Boost Sales remains one of best apps on Shopify that allows you to increase conversions as well as sales. It displays a popup when an item is viewed or added to Cart that can complement or be an alternative to the items selected by the customer. Apart from allowing you to schedule your own cross-sell and upsell bundles, Boost Sales also examines the entire store's sales data to recommend customized products to the customers. To being accessed on mobile and desktop devices, it can also be integrated seamlessly into all Shopify sites and boasts a convenient UX.

3. Better Coupon

Box Better Coupon Box has been one of the most popular free apps in the marketing domain for some time now. Over 30,000 Shopify stores are using the Better Coupon Box. Visitors on the site are offered a discount coupon in case they subscribe to email newsletters or Stores frequently install Better Coupon Box to increase the number of their followers on their Twitter and Facebook accounts in addition to email subscribers.

4. Swell

As per a research study conducted by Bain and Company, selling to an existing client is 67 percent easier when compared to acquiring new ones. Few strategies work better than a rewards loyalty program, which empowers you to retain your existing customers. To the end, Swell is a wonderful tool that enables businesses to create a user-friendly personalized loyalty program that needs nothing more than a few clicks. Swell empowers customers to grab loyalty points in a myriad of ways – by creating a store account, engaging in social media, increasing the number of purchases, referring their loved ones, etc. ? Infinite Options This app is meant for those who are disillusioned by the restricted number of customizations on product pages Customers tend to become frustrated very quickly and it is important to offer more choices in terms of products, thus augmenting your chances of increasing your sales. St this backdrop, the app lets you add any number of personalizations for any product, creating practically limitless product options.

5. Printful

Printful is pleasantly surprising, as it offers the best available outsourcing solution that lets you focus on the sales and marketing. Understandably so, it is best suited for those who operate a print-on-demand business. When someone places an order for a print Design on posters, canvas, T-shirts, mugs, etc, they will be redirected to this app. Open, it will be designed, printed, and shipped straight to your customers without needing your involvement you at any stage. Neat, isn' t it?

6. Aftership

Supporting more than 335 couriers globally, including the likes of USPS, UPS, and Fedex, this app allows you to keep tabs on all shipping activities, something that measuress importance importance in all e-commerce transactions. The results are displayed directly at your store Via auto tracking. The app also lets you notify your customers about the numerous stages of delivery – be it in transit or out for delivery. This is convenience at its very best.

7. Persistent Cart

With more than 1,000 reviews, Persistent Cart is a real handful if you are struggling to resuscitate lost revenue through the recovery of abandoned carts. The app saves all the items


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