Faster Shipping from China: Your reliable order fulfillment partner for online sellers

Order fulfillment plays an important role in ecommerce. How to ship products to customers' doors always puzzles online sellers around the world. Thanks to the above-mentioned benefits, shipping from China is still a cost and time-saving solution for e-commerce businesses worldwide. China Fulfillment streamlines the shipping process for online sellers with quality service and custom order fulfillment and logistics options.Their range of price points allows customers to choose the level of control they want over their shipping process, while powerful tracking tools ensure they can make informed decisions about their shipments.By partnering with China Fulfillment, sellers can ship their products to any destination in the world with confidence and ease.

As a leading tech-powered order fulfillment company in China, China Fulfillment owns Shenzhen Fulfillment Center and Dongguan Fulfillment Center, which utilize smart software to provide simple and reliable China warehouse fulfillment and logistics services for ecommerce businesses, dropshipping businesses and crowdfunding projects.

From Crowdfunders to Multi-National businesses and everyone inbetween, we provide reliable fulfillment services to get your orders to your customers…

eCommerce Fulfillment

Our end-to-end eCom fulfillment service handles everything from inventory storage and order processing, to customized pick and pack, shipping, and returns.

Amazon Fulfillment

Simplifying FBA Prep and fulfillment for growing brands.Our FBA Prep service includes storage, quality inspection, packaging, repackaging, and shipping.

Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Ship crowdfunding rewards to your backers worldwide.Say goodbye to logistics headaches.  We’ll help you save on shipping costs and get your goods delivered on time.

Subscription Box Fulfillment

Automated, timely and accurate subscription-box shipments.We handle everything from kitting to customized packing so you can focus on scaling your business.

We can offer safe and secure storage facilities, pick & pack operations and a one-scan despatch operation that produces the correct transit documentation for your parcels with just one barcode scan.

Orders can be received directly from online stores and marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, AliExpress, Magento and More using our direct system integrations meaning you can just sit back and relax while we handle all your orders. These integrations also allow us to tell your sales channel when an order has been despatched so the customer has up to date informaton.

Our efficient operation and intelligent software allows for the quick entry of orders from any channel into our warehouse system, which means faster turnaround times for your orders and allows for same day despatch to you customers once received before our daily cut-off times.

Our range of services can offer cost savings to our clients. All our fixed costs and overheads are spread over all of our clients, which means lower costs for you.Our high volume of daily shipments means we get exceptional rates for packaging, warehousing and shipping which we then pass on to our clients.

All these saving means more margin for you and lower costs for your clients.

At China Fulfillment, every client has an Account Manager and 24/7 access to our software which shows live stock information, live order updates, live parcel tracking.

China Fulfillment offer complete pay as you go fulfillment services to help your business…