Search traffic skyrocketed 1100%, with a rating of 4.9, the jungle swing was on fire

Summer approaching, the small swing also quietly fire.

Swing is one of summer's favorite yard playdates for kids, which has led many parents to prepare their kids' summer playlists.

Swing-related searches soared 1,100%

When we searched Google Trends for swings, we found that the number of searches for swings soared 1100%, so it seems that those who focus on outdoor activities are also more focused on children's happiness.

The Swing, available on Amazon for $39.99, is made of plastic and rope rings with a swing seat (27 "x5.5") and a swing chain (66 "). Parents can attach the kids' swing kit to a porch, tree or playground for fun.

According to the product description, the swing kit features a plastic-coated chain that is designed to be clip-resistant and stable. The swing can hold up weight even in inclement weather and during strenuous exercise. In addition, the swing is fully assembled and the hanger is sold separately.

Jungle swings score a whopping 4.9

And about this leave the swing that reviews as high as 4.9 minutes to see, also be the praise that widely gets the seller. It is found in the reviews, the reviews of relevant sellers are favorable, so it seems that this swing is favored by consumers.

High quality products that feel like you're on a park swing.

It brought joy to my daughter's childhood.

These are great replacements for swing!!

They are great, they ship quickly, and they seem to be of good quality.

These are great! These swings give my old swing set a whole new look.

For children who love to play, this is probably the best amusement toy, even Xiaobian also want to buy a try to see if this small swing is really as good as the comments, related sellers can focus on, children's amusement is also a good big market.

In addition, there are a number of outdoor products in summer are very popular with consumers, such as the necessary mosquito products, the review of up to 1.2W+ solar fountains, sunshade and atmosphere light strings, the relevant sellers can focus on, in order to welcome the summer orders.