Provide Free Gift To Promote E-Commerce Selling.

“Buy one, get one free.”  “Giveaways!” “Freebies!” These are music to the ears of consumers.  Who wouldn’t want to get something for free nowadays? But a skeptical question would be, why would sellers want to lose money giving away free gifts?

It will take more than a calculated cost-benefit analysis to understand this.  It’s an industry trend that poses a lot of questions too, from consumers:Is it really free?  Or, does the quoted total price actually include the price of the “freebie”?Is the product of low quality that’s why they gave free gifts as a means to compensate?Is the free gift something that the company wants to dispose and wants to transfer that burden to the customers?Effect on the CustomersThis will be premised on a bit of a psychological approach – the more motivated a person is to purchase something, the more he will do it. We will be touching on human satisfaction – the fulfillment of desires. Usually, that comes in gaining something of value without forcing it. It is what gives the customers that VIP feels.

That feeling of being taken care of in an extraordinary way builds up the trust that customers have in your brand. It’s not the monetary benefit that they will be after. It’s the non-monetary perk of the free gift that will make them keep coming back to you.Benefits to the e-commerce sellersQuestions such as those mentioned above should prompt us, e-commerce sellers, to carefully think out and strategize a giveaway that will benefit us rather than cloud us with doubts from our customers.  So, what can we gain from giving away free gifts?  Repeat order.  Do you know that feeling of wanting to return the favor because you were given something for free?  This goes without notice that a big influence in the customer’s decision to purchase again is when they get more than what they expected.Case in point, if the coffee cups they buy comes with a matching spoon or a pack of coffee, then that gives them the opportunity to use the product right away.  And, that also makes them think, what will I get the next time I buy?New order.  If your free gift is a sample of another product of yours, then you just opened a window for a possible purchase of that product.  The buyer will get the idea that this free gift is actually of a higher quality than the product that they purchased and something that they can really use.A perfect example would be freebies on a make-up product, say the latest lipstick that comes in a gold case.  Then, with it is a free gift of a decanted perfume sample – the newly released scent. That will give buyers a perception that they were able to get a hold on the latest “it” scent, for free.  And the feeling that they get when they wear that will be a big influence in their decision to purchase the very product when they have used up the sample.

Free advertisement.  Looking into the effects of free gifts on customers, chances are, they will talk about it.  They will talk about their purchase more and how happy they were that it came with a free gift.How to make sure free gift can be available any time, store them at PFC China fulfilment center, free for warehousing, customized packing.