Europe's new e-commerce leader? The Germany market is gaining momentum

In 2021, Germany, the UK, France and Italy generated 60% of total e-commerce revenue in Europe. Even after Brexit, the economic and trade situation of the United Kingdom

Yes, but the UK is still the leader in e-commerce in Europe. However, an analysis of the data suggests that Germany will overtake the UK as Europe's e-commerce leader by 2025.

European e-commerce has been growing steadily over the past few years, especially since the novel Coronavirus pandemic swept the globe. According to statistics recently published by Statist A, online sales account for a growing share of total retail sales in Europe. In 2021, this share reached 19% in Central and Western Europe, the same as in 2019, before the pandemic that's up 6%.

In 2020, the UK generated 21%of total e-commerce revenue in Europe, followed by Germany with 19%, France with 13%and Italy with 6%. Households generated more than half (59%) of total e-commerce revenue in Europe in 2020. In 2021, amid rapid growth in some other emerging markets in Europe, it remains firmly in the front row, accounting for 60% of European e-commerce revenues.

The latest statistics show that in the first quarter of 2022, online transactions in Germany were worth about 22.82 billion euros (160.5 billion yuan). Germany is the fifth largest country in the world of E-commerce market. In 2021, the sales volume of e-commerce increased by 14% year-on-year to reach 101.6 billion euros (about 714.6 billion yuan), second only to the UK in Europe. 2021 Germany's penetration rate of online shopping also reached 72%.

Amazon is still the largest e-commerce platform in Germany, with online sales of 17.3 billion euros (about 121.7 billion yuan) in 2021. It was followed by Otto. de with ?5.3 billion in online sales and Z Alan Do. de with ?2.5 billion in online sales in 2021. The three e-commerce giants accounted for 25% of online sales in Germany in 2021.

In Germany, electronics are the largest market segment, accounting for 27% of online sales. It was followed by fashion, which accounted for 24% of online sales, toys, hobbies and DIY accounted for 22%, furniture and appliances 14% and food and personal care 3%.

The study predicts that Germany will become the leading e-commerce country in Europe by 2025. By then, Germany e-commerce revenue will account for 19%of the European e-commerce market, with 18% in the UK and 12% in France, total e-commerce revenue in Europe is expected to double from 492 billion euros (about 3.47 trillion euros) in 2020

to 1 trillion euros by 2025.

In the next few years, Germany's e-commerce market will continue to expand, it is predicted that the compound annual growth rate of 5% in the next four years, sellers can continue to pay attention to this market, early planning, early layout.

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