EBay UK saw a 237% increase in sellers, one every two minutes

The number of start-ups on eBay UK has increased by 237%, and the company has introduced new support policies to help start-ups grow.

The number of start-ups on eBay UK has increased by 237% since the start of the pandemic, equivalent to one new company registering every two minutes, according to an announcement by eBay UK.

Over the past year, these startups have sold more than 72 million items. Home and gardening, electronics and fashion were the most popular items last year.

EBay UK invested ?33m last year to help hundreds of thousands of small businesses on the platform cope with the challenges posed by COVID-19. The huge increase in the number of these startups may have something to do with the support offered by eBay UK.

With epidemic control measures slowing in the UK, eBay UK's focus has now shifted to how to propel these startups to continue to grow.

To that end, eBay UK has launched a new support package, offering a range of new seller benefits, including a 5% reduction in fees and a 75% reduction in new listing costs for existing and new sellers to help them better sell online; EBay UK also offers consumers coupons and discounts to encourage them to buy at small businesses; It also invested in training programs to help sellers make the most of eBay's platform; In addition, they are increasing the marketing of the small business seller market through television, social media, brochures and online media.

Rob Hattrell, head of eBay Europe, said: "COVID-19 will continue to take a toll on businesses for years to come, with small businesses the hardest hit. Now more than ever, it is important that we do more to support and help small businesses. These new initiatives are also designed to help small businesses grow. We also want the 29 million buyers on our platform to join us in supporting entrepreneurship in the UK."

Earlier this year, eBay UK also pledged to cover the cost of a digital services tax for its hundreds of thousands of small sellers, a cost that other platforms have passed on to sellers.

As eBay UK continues to invest in small businesses, it seems that small businesses have a promising future on eBay UK. Also hope that the epidemic gradually receded after the small enterprises can revitalize!