what is Drop_shipping service ?

******Drop_shipping service ***********

that is Drop your parcels to our warehouse, and we'll ship your parcels internationally.

Let your suppliers send the parcels to PFC warehouse,  contact your account manager to ask the address:)

The handling fee for one parcel one order is 4RMB ; 2 parcels ship to one order, the handing fee costs 6RMB in total ;

it includes the picking and packing service, and the packing material using by PFC standard ( normally it's plastic bag; 

and some bubble for those easily broken products; and bubble envelope for the small size products) ;

Where to register an PFC account to ship the goods?


write your account manager name, such as pfcJanice as your account manager

then contact the sales manager  at sales06@parcelfromchina.com 

author , Janice Mo


skype pfcwendy / QQ 3004196570