Brazil's e-commerce sales rose 69% in April

As some stores in Brazil shut down, e-commerce sales in the country continued to accelerate in April, rising 69% compared to the same month in 2020, according to MasterCard SpendingPulse.

Among them, the household appliances sector was the fastest growing segment of Brazilian e-commerce, with a year-on-year growth of 122%. On the other hand, fuel, supermarkets, furniture, personal and household products, and pharmaceuticals were among the sectors that reported lower sales.

Retail sales in bricks-and-mortar stores in Brazil are up 49% compared to 2020, with the exception of the auto, building materials, restaurant and bed bath industries. The apparel sector saw the biggest expansion, with a 125% increase compared to April 2020.

Estanislau Bassols, managing director of MasterCard Brazil, said this market move was directly related to the pandemic. "Retail sales have been affected by the still-high unemployment rate and the closure of some business locations as a result of the outbreak," the executive said. As we overcame the sharp decline in retail sales last year, the year-on-year growth rate showed a significant increase. However, this is a statistical effect due to the number of institutions that were still closed last year."

65% of Brazilians buy goods on foreign websites and apps

Cross-border e-commerce has become a reality, with an increasing number of US and Chinese websites offering products, their online stores translated into Portuguese, prices in many cases lower than local Brazilian prices, and shipping costs and delivery times satisfying Brazilian consumers, who are increasingly choosing to shop online across borders.

According to the research of the Brazilian Retail and Consumer Association (SBVC), compared with 12 months ago, the categories that Brazilians purchase most on international websites are electronics (36%), beauty (29%), women's accessories (29%) and smartphone accessories (29%), with "Shopee" (29%) being the main website consumer preference. It is followed by Amazon (25%) and AliExpress (18%).

According to SBVC, the increase in purchases via apps (70%) is evident because users feel it is easier to make purchases. After the consumer's journey, 87 percent of respondents met the delivery time and 85 percent agreed to wait up to 45 days for delivery to their address in Brazil.

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