France's Cdiscount launches new B2C online platform

Cdiscount, France's largest e-commerce platform, has announced the launch of a new B2B online platform Octopia.

Cdiscount, France's largest e-commerce platform, has announced the launch of its new B2B online platform Octopia, which will allow sellers from Europe, the Middle East and Africa to enter.

Octopia is understood to have been unofficially in use since January 2021. Octopia, the new B2B online platform, combines features such as a software platform, reseller network, product catalogue, distribution solutions and logistics to provide a platform for bricks-and-mortar retailers and online merchants across emEA to set up shop. It is reported that the e-commerce market in the three regions is worth more than 600 billion euros.

"We already have millions of active customers in France, but we still have a large portion to win," said Cdiscount. In a completely open world, I believe we have to find customers and sell more products wherever we are, which increases both our market power and the sales potential of our suppliers and sellers, and therefore our profitability."

On the B2B platform, sellers can also offer products from other retailers and manufacturers, with Cdiscoun taking care of shipping and logistics.

Sellers can set up their shop with the following features provided by Octopia's platform, providing a well-systematic service to sellers through modular end-to-end solutions, business knowledge and technical understanding, access to product portfolios and manufacturers, distribution technology and warehouses.

Cdiscount offers 540,000 square meters of warehouse space in France and uses robots to efficiently select and package its products for shipment to more than 30 countries and regions around the world. In addition, Cdiscount also works with its German logistics partner to provide warehouse locations in Germany, a move that greatly reduces transportation costs in eastern European countries. Cdiscoun has a perfect logistics system, which is very attractive to sellers.

"My goal is for this new campaign to become as important as Cdiscount in four to five years," says Cdiscount's CEO, "which is to reach 4.5 billion volumes and become our third largest revenue driver after marketing and digital marketing."