How to Import from China for New Amazon Start-ups

How to Import from China for New Amazon Start-ups

Thinking of starting up your own business on Amazon? It’s truly not a bad idea, seeing as Amazon is one of the world’s top giants in internet sales. With all of Amazon’s incredible web development and advanced online marketing tools, it has never been simpler to use the platform to make a success of your business. To date, Amazon has already helped thousands of people just like you, do just that.

The most difficult part in all this will really be about you finding your right niche, supplier and lastly, of course, the shipping.

How To Choose Your Perfect Product?

This in essence, the first step has to be the hardest part to everything that needs to be done to start up your own business. Lucky for us, China is the perfect place to source anything your heart could desire. From Clothing, shoes, handbags, electronics and even stationery. Having all these choices could be a little like being a kid in a candy store. Your eyes will want everything, yet the best way will be to choose one product to begin with and find your niche. This may sound impossible, yet we have some techniques handy that will help you in making this difficult choice.

You will need to ask yourself a few questions before deciding on the final product. Take a look at these points and jot down the ideas that come to mind. Remember, this is only the first draft, what you choose now could change at any time. Allow yourself the freedom to play with your ideas and not put pressure on yourself to make your final choice right away.

Ask yourself these questions – ‘Is my product…’

1. Marketable

The key to your successful business is to be very sure that your product is accessible to your target market.

2. Profitable

We all have bills to pay and lives to live, so it is pretty important to make sure that your products are making you a decent amount of profit. This will ensure your financial safety and peace of mind. However, also to keep in mind is that a business takes time to build and in the beginning keeping your pricing within a reasonable range will help build you up faster. Being a start-up, don’t expect to retire and live in the Bahamas just yet. It may take some time.

3. Sellable

With different trading laws in various countries, it is essential to check the laws in your country to see if you are allowed to sell your chosen product.

4. Counterfeit or Copyright-related

I guess it goes without saying that counterfeit and copyright related products are a no-go-zone. Dealing with these products could have some serious consequences. Staying clear of them will help keep you far from trouble and any lawsuits that could arise in the future.

5. Low Risk and Small Sized

Ah now this is something that will help you to no end. Look for products that are guaranteed and smallish in size. Doing this will help you manage a possible loss on your investment and save you money on the shipping.

6. Niche, Niche, Niche

For start-ups it is especially insanely important to know your niche inside and out. Research it as much as you can and get all the information possible to have a very well rounded understanding. This will help you inspect the quality of your products further down the line in your business start-up. Trust us. This step could make you a lot of money in the future.

Find Your Perfect Freight Forwarder

As with any order you make, shipping times are always taken into account. Having said this, you will need to choose the right freight forwarder to make sure that your shipping times and product safety is in good hands. PFC logistics, have specialized in cross border e-commerce warehousing fulfillment service and international shipping service for 7years, can do both China fulfilment service and consolidate drop-shipping service for you.