1. Hire a professional Amazon Product Photographer and Videographer/ Photography and Videography Service Provider

Yes, there is such a service.  And, it abounds. With the rise of e-commerce platforms and the penchant for online shopping, the demand for product photography and videography services also moved in parallel.  Because, in this platform, image is key.

This may be seen as a huge investment for an ordinary Amazon seller.  But, if you are one, who’s serious about converting views into sales, then this might be the road you might consider taking.


This is granting that the service provider is an established one:Contributes to an efficient workflow that allows you, the business owner, to focus on other activities that will also significantly impact your bottom line.Familiarity to Amazon image and video requirementsOwns a professional-quality camera with different lens accessories and probably owns a product photography studioMay use a modelCan include editing and optimizing the images or videos in its service packageMay have extensive training and considerable experience in product photography/videographyHas a remarkable creative portfolioDisadvantagesSome may charge skyrocketing package pricesYou need to send them samples of your product which could mean additional cost on your part.Where to source an Amazon Product Photographer/VideographerNow, you are convinced that this is a worthwhile investment so you go and outsource this service and get the professional help that you need.  The next question would be, where to find them?

As discussed earlier, the demand for Amazon product photographers is also in a rise.  This service is actually part of the service categories in freelance service marketplaces such as fiverr, Upwork, Jungle Market or in other social media platforms where ads for such services can be posted.

These online service marketplaces also makes it easier for you to filter your search down to the location of these product photography service providers.  You can then choose ones that are the nearest to your area.How to send a sample of your products to the Amazon Product PhotographerThere are two ways to send your sample products to the Amazon Product Photographer that you hired:

Send one from your own inventory

If you have on hand a sample of your product, then you can send this to the product photographer that you hired, via courier services. Of course, this would entail shipping or delivery costs.

Send through Amazon FBA

If you don’t have a sample on hand, you may send them through Amazon FBA by creating a fulfillment order and have it sent to the photographer you hired. Again, under this arrangement, you shoulder the shipping costs.2. Hire a local photographer

Lucky, you would be, if you can find in your locality a professional Amazon Product Photographer.  While you can avail of service packages that an Amazon Product Photographer usually offers, you can save on shipping and other logistics costs.

But, what if there’s none in your area?  For certain, you can still find professional photographers there.  Most may not have an Amazon experience but they can shoot really good photos and videos.  The creative directing task, though will be all on you. But, if this is something that you wouldn’t mind doing, you can go ahead and hire a professional in your area.  In that way, you can give your support to local services and talents.

3.Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

This may be the direction you have to take when you are just starting and doesn’t have the means yet to pay for a professional Amazon product photographer.  Others may use a good camera that they own. Then, there are those who make good using their own smartphone with a reliable camera resolution. Just remember, to use proper lighting to enhance the appearance of your product.  

Or, you can get an affordable product photography kit that includes reflectors, lightboxes, LED lamps, and camera pods.  This will also allow you to take more photos or videos more frequently and just choose those that you will have done professionally.

The downside of going DIY though is that more of your time will be taken by image and video tasks when you should do more activities that will augment your income.  Also, you have to be very acquainted with Amazon’s requirements to ensure that your listing can be accepted. Non-compliance will result in the rejection of your listing.

You can just consider this as a temporary option when you are still building your Amazon empire.  Once it’s really established and profits start rolling in, you would then have the capacity to hire the professionals.  It will just be a matter of time.

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