Wish US FBW Overseas warehouse reduced "Storage and Fulfillment fees" and "freight"

In late June, FBW (Fulfillment By Wish) returned to business, and Wish sellers can set up FBW (Fulfillment By Wish) shipping plans. If you have ever been unable to independently develop us way to overseas warehouse due to cost, energy or other reasons, Wish US way to FBW project is your opportunity to enter the US overseas warehouse market and further expand sales in the US market!

Wish US FBW Overseas warehouse reduced "Storage and Fulfillment fees" and "freight"

In order to help sellers better utilize the newly opened FBW-US-PLG warehouse for FBW business, Wish has recently reduced "storage and fulfillment fees" and "freight rates."

1. Freight: 5% lower freight for all weight classes (i.e., "Price/package" on merchant's platform).

2. Service fee: For the "storage and performance fee" in the "Service Fee", the fee will be reduced to $0.9 per package if the weight is less than or equal to 200 grams, and to $1.1 per package if the weight is greater than 200 grams but less than or equal to 400 grams. For packages weighing more than 400 grams, the "storage and performance fee" remains unchanged at $1.40 per package.

The cost of the new FBW-US-PLG warehouse can be viewed on the "FBW" - "Basic Cost and Payment Information" page.

Special note: the newly opened FBW-US-PLG warehouse provides more perfect, more efficient warehouse entry and warehousing services, the peak season is coming, there will be more best-selling products inventory stored in the FBW-US-PLG warehouse, help the peak season sales to a higher level!

FBW overseas warehouse: handle all warehousing and final process matters

Fulfillment By Wish (FBW) is the Fulfillment By Wish (FBW), a logistics program launched By Wish, primarily serves Fulfillment By sellers in major markets in North America and Europe.

The seller only needs to ship the inventory to a few designated FBW warehouses located in the United States and Europe. FBW will help you complete the follow-up warehousing, packaging and distribution of the products, so that you can concentrate on optimizing the products without worrying about logistics.

Because FBW provides fast logistics services, the inventory in the FBW warehouse is automatically treated as Wish Express products, which can increase the exposure of products on the Wish website or the Wish app by an average of three times.

Products that have been popular in the past on Wish will be selected to be placed on FBW overseas warehouse. FBW will attract more users by increasing the product supply and shortening the time to close. Products that have broad global appeal and are not subject to seasonal trends are also ideal for JOINING FBW. Based on historical sales data, it is recommended to add 20-100 SKU inventory for FBW.

Cross-border e-commerce has entered a critical period for the development of overseas warehouses. More and more sellers start to use overseas warehouses, not only because of the rising prices of direct logistics, but also because of the increasing demand of global consumers for better logistics services and faster logistics speed. The new warehouse has been opened, many sellers have entered the "field", what are you waiting for?