What kind of shipment cannot be send?2014-07-17 10:28:04

 *Before deliver the package, pls be sure to have a closer look at whether the forbidden items,
cannot sure, then pls consult the online customer service or your client manager.
>forbidden items list
1. explosive: fireworks, firecracker, munitions, ammo, exploder, black powder, flash powder, flares, warning flares, nitroglycerin, rocket engines, igniter and etc.
2. Military products: gums, weapons, bullets, knives, sharp weapon and etc.
3. Check and leaflets: cash, check, counterfeit money, illegal industry related ads and flyers, gambling, fortune-telling, usury ads and etc.
4. Compressed gas: butane gas lighter fuel, diving oxygen tanks, camping out camping, butane gas, propane gas, atomizing agent, aerosol, fire extinguisher, high-pressure cylinders, mustard gas, etc.
5. Flammable liquids: lighters, lighter liquid fuel, oil, paint remover, enamel paint, dye, glue, glue, acetone, alcohol, gasoline, and gasoline additives, diluent, turpentine oil, oil extractant, naphtha, perfume, shave lotion, etc.
6. Flammable objects: calcium powder, oil immersion fabrics, igniter, matches, charcoal, magnesium, sodium, asbestos, camphor ball, nitro products, oily waste cotton, etc
7. Oxidizing substances: raw chemicals needed for the oxygen tank etc, peroxide, bleaching powder, etc
8. Toxic substances, radioactive, infectious substances: agricultural chemicals, pesticides, agricultural chemicals, mercury preparations, harmful bacteria, etc
9. Corrosive substance: wet cell, mercury, hydrochloric acid, etc
10. Other hazardous embargo: magnetic materials, engine, dry ice, sprayer, nail polish, underwater breathing apparatus, remains or ashes, imitation, fake brand, infringing products, drugs, narcotics, psychotropic drugs, living creature (including but not limited to mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, and larvae, insects, etc.), clinical or biological specimens (including but not limited to the internal body fluids or tissues samples), perishable and need to temperature control of items (including but not limited to food, flowers, etc.), pornographic CD, tobacco, etc.; And the provisions of the international air mail cannot be mailed or limitation of all of the goods.

>Goods restricted to send (before send out shipment, pls firstly contact with online customer or your client manager)
Emergency medicine for medical or scientific research
Sports with guns
Yet the excessive magnetic items
Ones or official seal, etc

>goods that need to provide extra information
Mail brand products must provide real and effective brand letter of authorization