Account Transfer2014-07-16 17:42:09

1.log into the account to check the
[ User Center]>[Finance Management]>[Account Transfer ]


2.choose the ways you would like to take to make the transfer online


A.the way of online transfer money will be into your account immediately
B.the way of bank transfer money will be into your account after finance checked
* Please record your Customer ID ,for that can make it fast and convenient to tarnsfer your money to your account !
** Regarding the bank transfer after six PM ,we will transfer your money to your account the next day ! Please make the prepaid money in advance or earlier in order to make the shipments out timely !
*** P lease make sure that you get the bank account from our official website ,it will be invalid transfer to other account or get the information form somewhere else ! And please double check the bank account number refer to the official website shows when you are ready to make the transfer .