COD Service

 About the Service
PFC company offer Global Cash On Delivery ,Local warehousing service delivery, local company collection, we do dollar payment, we have achieved COD Service in Hong Kong, China Taiwan, Malaysia Thailand, Indonesia ,Vietnam ,Philippines Local payment service to your !
According to the agreement signed between the shipper (the seller) and the receiver (the buyer), PFC Express provides express delivery services for the shipper’s shipments (goods), collects payments from the receiver on behalf of the shipper, and then returns the payments collected to the shipper within the agreed time limit.

Recommended Products
We offer Cash COD  and  Standard COD: Applicable to PFC's customers, specifically for e-commerce and TV shopping specialized markets like (Health care ,medicine and food)

Cooperation Mode
Cash On Delivery Upon signing of a COD Service Contract with PFC, the customer is entitled to enjoy the COD service of PFC, provided that the goods are legally produced and sold, quality assured, and backed up with good after-sales services

Service Coverage
Global Cash On Delivery,Shipments delivered within Mainland of China or between Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia Thailand, Indonesia ,Vietnam ,Philippines

Service Partners

How to Charge
Service fees will be charged based on customer types, return cycles and COD amounts. For details, please consult with local PFC sales representatives.

Time of Payment Return
Global Cash On Delivery,Quick return options: weekly (with a flexible and customized return cycle) and Next-week

Service Features
    • Security of the customers' shipments and cash is guaranteed with PFC's high quality services;
    • Multiple return options such as weekly  and Next Week are supported.
    • COD amount per single shipment up to  US 500  can be collected.
    • Online account statements can be checked easily and quickly, with email and paper statements supported as well.
    • Multiple payment methods such as POS, cash, PFC  Pay and Credit Card pay are available.
    • Advance payment can be provided to help customers in quick capital turnover.